SPA JMK a TTSK 2014+

Project duration

Project SPA JMK a TTSK 2014+

  • Start: September 2012
  • Ending: 31th of March 2015

Duration: 31 months 

Supporting for projects preparation in the South Morava region and Trnava Self-Governing Region within the cross-border cooperation Slovak Republic - Czech Republic for the new programming period 2014 - 2020 is one of the objectives of the "Common Strategy - project activities of the South Moravian Region and Trnava Self-Governing Region 2014+" (SPA JMK and TTSK 2014+) .

The project realisation started in september 2012 (project duration is 31 months), activities of the project are implemented in the frame of Operational programm cross-border cooperation Slovak Republic - Czech Republic 2007 – 2013. Lead partner of the project is South Moravian region, Trnava Self-Governing Region is the main cross-border parnter. Total project budget is 188 056 €, 159 847,60€ are from ERDF.

Project SPA JMK A TTSK 2014+ is open to all potentional partners and involved subjects from both regions, which planning cross-border cooperation, preparing suitable project or looking for a partner.

Project goal

The project objective is supporting common proces of preparation of joint projects initiatives in South Moravian region and Trnava Self-Governing Region as well as knowledge dissemination of finance possibilities for projects implemented under EU Structural Funds through information obtained through the cooperation and new conection between regional partner ´s entities for the Programming period 2014 – 2020.

The specific project goals:

1. Analysis of current and possible future project cooperation

Analysis of current and possible future project cooperation – processing analysis and evaluation the quality of existing cross-border project partners, evaluation of the quality of the network for cross-border cooperation and South Moravian region and Trnava Self-Governing Region participating in the implementation and preparation of the projects thematic areas and implementation of analysis/  processing analysis and identification of potential areas for future cross-border cooperation, which has not yet been identified and implemented using SWOT analysis and methods PESTEL (takes into account the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legislative area).

2. Cooperation expansion – supporting project activities

Supporting of expansion of cross-border cooperation – performance seminars for potencional applicants and workshops designed to support project activities (exchange of project plans and partners, workshops, etc.) in the cross-sectional areas (for example financial instruments, public support, public offer, horizontal issues, examples of good practice, EU cohesion policy 2020), processing framework recommendations, continuous provision of current information and formulate strategic priorities CBC period 2014 - 2020 for the evaluation of all the gathered information, suggestions, comments, data and project capacity of the area.

3. Transfer of good practice - performance seminars for potencional applicants

Providing professional consultations on the project plans, initiating professional consultations and after selection key (strategic) project plans with cross-border impact including project preparation. Preparation of at least two strategic cooperation projects with the goal of reduction socio-economic and environmental disparities in the border region.

4. Establish interactive database of project plans and partners

Creating project plans of interactive database for public and partners on the web interface with the possibility of their continuos evaluation for the makeing partnership and new links between regional and local subjects on the both sides of the border (establish a system of collection evaluation and treatment manual for the use of the database)

5.  Operating information websites

 The operation information websites (web interface) with current information about the program Slovakia - the Czech Republic and related documents for programming period 2014-2020,  especially that relate to the development of a common design strategy South Moravian region and Trnava Self-Governing Region focused on active cross-border cooperation.

6. Processing the common strategy

Processing the common strategy of project activities in the both regions from the period 2014 – 2020, witch are processed from analytical documents in line with the concept ducuments of both regions and with the European documents forming the framework of EU cohesion policy for the period 2014 – 2020.

Cross - border impact

By the evaluation of the project there comes to developing current partnerships and another deeping. Also there comes to establist new partnerships and their developement in the form of realization common activities. In forming and fixing partnership not only project team do we  take into account , but also always regional representatives, experts from different fields at the regional or local level. Implementation of the project come into being fullfilment The partnership arrangemenet and mutual collaboration  Trnava Self-Governing Region and South Moravian region, which was concluded in 2006 and to fill strategic documents both regions.

The project is important for the recovery of life, developement cooperation and partnership in common border two regions – South Morava and Trnava selfgoverning region. Within the phase of realization come into analysing and quality evaluation current cross-border partners South Moravian region and Trnava Self-Governing Region (network) and consenquence also come into analysing and identifing of local potencial for future cross-border cooperation.