The lead partner : The South Moravian Region

The main cross – border partner: Trnava Self-Governing Region

The South Moravian Region and Trnava Self-governing Region has been cooperating informally since 2004, officially since 2006 under an agreement entitled: „Agreement on Cooperation in the Project within the Programme for Cross-border Cooperation Slovak republic – Czech republic", which involves the following areas of cooperation:

  • regional development
  • education
  • tourism
  • environmental protection
  • sport and culture
  • social welfare
  • science and innovation development
  • information technologies
  • small and medium-sized enterprises
  • cross-border cooperation
  • municipalities development
  • crisis management

In the programming period 2007 – 2013 partners implemented several joint projects which significantly deepened working relations and pointed out strengths and weaknesses of cooperation.

Multilateral cooperation enabled successful implementation of project RESPOS which then enabled establishment of contacts between regional subjects. They subsequently prepared and implemented joint projects with cross-border impacts as well as thematically oriented subjects (spa, innovation). Mutual exchange of experience in processing conceptual documents and formulation of common policy on regional development and project preparation and implementation was made possible through the project.

The South Moravian Region and Trnava Self-Governing Region have their regional development strategy programmes for the next period aproved. In 2010 was elaborated a plan between Programme for development of South Moravian Region for the period 2010-2013 and Programme for economic and social development of Trnava Self-Governing Region for the period 2009-2015 with emphasis on identification of areas for     cross-border cooperation in short as well as long-term period.

This document about cooperation of both regions will enable elaboration of concrete common strategy of project activities for programming period 2014 – 2020.