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Student Tips "How to Teach Biology"

Evolution will never play the same game twice.

What sciences are important for all of humanity? Someone may disagree with our theory, rightly noting that each science is important for all of us in its own way. Nevertheless, biology occupies a special place among all sciences. And this is rightfully recognized by the majority of people. As you know, biology is a natural science about the structure of living nature. And to know it means to know all the laws by which all organisms live. Therefore, the use of knowledge in the field of biology is very large. But be that as it may , this should not give you a reason to think that mastering this area is possible only with the help of elementary cramming. Biology can be very exciting and interesting. But first you need to understand what you need to learn.  

You need:

  •                              Channel about four-legged friends.
  •                              School textbooks
  •                              Books or magazines about animals


Stages in the study of biology:

one). It is clear that if you decide to master biology in general, then you just need to have theoretical knowledge And you should start from the school bench. And preferably in the same sequence. First you need to learn: 

  1. Cell (its structure and composition)
  2. Protists
  3. The plant kingdom (from blue-green algae to the highest)
  4. Kingdom of mushrooms
  5. Kingdom of plants

After that, move on to human physiology :  

  1. Muscular system
  2. Circulatory system
  3. Nervous system
  4. Musculoskeletal system.

And finish with knowledge about the biochemical processes that occur in the body, study genetics and ecology. 

2). Biology is an incredibly interesting science. And you can study it not only in textbooks, but also in practice The circle of young naturalists will help you with this. If there is such a circle in your city, then head straight there. Studying the structure, behavior and instincts of animals is much more fun and effective using the belly example. 

3). Also, if you are over 18 years old, and you are not limited in money, you can take part in any expedition You can find such expeditions on the Internet. And you can also go anywhere. At least to the White or Red Sea, at least to the most remote parts of Africa. Only now you will need to carry out tasks with the study of the wildlife of a given area, but this should not scare you, since this will take place under the strict guidance of the head of the expedition. 

four). Watch as many scientifically famous films about the life of animals as possible (find them on the Internet or buy them on disks). You can find a channel that constantly shows exciting and quality films about nature. We would like to note that the knowledge gained using this form is assimilated much faster.  

five). Try reading books by famous naturalists. Indeed, with the help of a beautiful style, you can easily find a lot of entertaining facts about wildlife.  

6). When studying information, biology needs to be perceived more positively It is clear that this science is very difficult, but the right mood when studying is also very important. 

7). If, while studying, you find difficult words , then break them up into parts. 

eight). To make it easier to learn terms , make flashcards (a very useful and effective way to learn new terms. 

nine). Answer the questions that are found in the books after each chapter. 

10). Get yourself a notebook and write down the basics of what you have learned.  

eleven). Before going to bed, read your synopsis every day (this will not let you forget the material you have covered).  

12). To study biology, you can also choose distance video courses or video tutorials. Or master classes by professional tutors.  

A small sub -point : If biology is still difficult for you and you need to do it somehow, ask biology homework help on the Internet.

An important takeaway

That is, you and I can conclude that the above only once again convinces us that biology is a science that is of very great importance. We know many biologists who have not only contributed to this science, but also by that the Sami have improved the standard of living of hundreds of people. And I want to believe that this amazing science will develop further. After all, many tasks have been set before humanity, the solution of which, among other things, lies in the biological sphere.