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Key Elements of Annotation to Start an Annotated Bibliography

A bibliography, huh? That too an annotated one. Oh, boy. We have our work cut out for us.

I won’t lie. This work is not as easy as it seems. An annotated bibliography is hard to assemble but most of that hard work lies in the fact that absolutely no one knows how to build this bibliography.

  • So, I have taken it upon myself to introduce you to the key elements of this work.
  • Once you know what you need to do, then it's just a matter of summarizing your sources and that's not hard at all.
  • Let me say this. If you think that you need more than just tips then go find yourself a free essay writer. They can provide you with a bibliography so that you know how to create one for yourself.

But before that, have a look at what I have to say.


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Element #1: The Format

  • This is the first thing that you need to know. There are many formats that are used for citations like MLA, APA, Harvard, etc., etc.
  • You need to know which format you will use to create your bibliography.
  • All these formats have their differences so it's best if you know and study the format first and go looking for sources later.
  • Your professor will have told you which format to use.


Element #2: Credibility of Sources

  • You can’t just use any source in this type of work. You need credible sources, but which sources are credible?
  • Well, any article published in a journal or any thesis published by a university is credible. This is because they have been approved by experts.
  • Other than that, the websites of governments (the ones that end with .gov) are credible and so are those of famous newspapers like CNN or BBC.


Element #3: Usefulness of Sources

  • Look! Just because a essay writing service is credible doesn’t make it useful to you.
  • You need to select sources according to your topic. So, a credible source that is unrelated to your topic is worthless to you.
  • The same goes for a source that opposes your argument.
  • So, always check if a source will be useful to you. The best way to check this is to think about where you can use the source in your paper.


Element #4: Evaluation of the Work

  • Even if your source is useful to you, that doesn’t really make it a good source.
  • So, you will have to evaluate the source yourself and see if it's a good one.
  • How will you do that? Read the source for yourself and see if it provides evidence and if the arguments presented in it are logical.
  • Check if the evidence is from a credible source. If you have different task and you cannot write your assignment take help from professional and ask to write my paper for me.


Element #5: Qualification of the Author(s)

  • The best way to check if the source is an authentic one is to check out the authors of the source.
  • Just search the names of the authors on Google.
  • In most cases, the information of the authors is given right along with the paper so you won’t have to search for it. If you are confused ask him to write my essay.
  • But if it’s not given then a quick search will reveal how qualified the authors are to talk about the subject at hand.


Element #6: The Summary

In the end, you will have to summarize the source. You will create a normal bibliography of your sources in your chosen format and then beneath each link, you will give a short summary.

  • This will tell the readers all about the information in the paper.
  • You can also use this summary to note any important stats of the paper.


And that’s it!

Now you can easily write a bibliography. If not, then the option of contacting a “write my paper” website is always available to you. So, there is no need to worry.

You have plenty of options and there is no way you won’t get this done.


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