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Virtual Internet Routing Lab

You have to stay focused and be prepared to learn something new daily. Keep in mind that everyone has a different learning style. To find yours you have to experiment. If you do not currently work in the IT field I would recommend taking just about any “IT” related job in order to break into the field and company. Use this stepping point to learn about the companies’ procedures and infrastructure. Next step would be to work towards network administration and eventually into engineering.

My recommendation on where to start learning on your own would be to utilize a virtual lab tool such as Cisco’s Packet Tracer or VIRL (Virtual Internet Routing Lab). From there I would pick up some books such as the Cisco Press CCENT book. You should also look into purchasing a plan from an online video training vendor. There are so many great resources online to learn specific topics that tend to cause confusion or issues for entry-level Network folks.

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