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best for telecom engineer?

Very fast telecom network implementation is going on in the Saudi Arabia, UAE & Qatar regions. FTTX work is going on. few countries in the world have as rich a history in engineering as Saudi Arabia & Qatar. Widely regarded for its booming telecom and infra structure, UAE,Qatar and Saudi Arabia is an extremely lucrative place to find jobs for engineers abroad, especially in the telecom sector & infrastructure. You can try in the telecom sector.
Telecom is the fifth largest and fastest-growing industry in the world. Telecommunications play an important role in the world economy and the worldwide telecommunication industry's revenue was estimated to be $3.85 trillion in 2008. The service revenue of the global telecommunications industry was estimated to be $1.7 trillion in 2008 and is expected to touch $2.7 trillion by 2013. The telecommunications industry can be classified as the equipment sector and the services sector.
The equipment sector is comprised of companies that manufacture products that are used by both customers and other companies in the same sector. Customers use these products to access telecommunications services, whereas other companies use these products to create and maintain telecommunications infrastructure and deliver telecom services. The equipment sector includes satellite and broadcast network equipment, wireless and wireline equipment, as well as computer networking equipment. Services Sector is also comprised of wired, wireless services and internet and other broadband services.

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