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Boost Your Field Service

Every year, adoption, satisfaction, and planned spending for technology specific to Field Services organizations that they use to streamline their operations, which we deliver through our annual “Field Services Technology Stack” report.

The Field Service Technology Stack can be divided into three layers: customer-facing, productivity, and infrastructure. Here are just some of the capabilities we recommend for a comprehensive field services management platform:

Customer-Facing: Consumption monitoring and analytics, contract management, and self-service customer portals.
Productivity: Spare parts logistics, mobility and video functionality, and knowledge management.
Infrastructure: CRM/incident management, installed base/asset/device management, IoT capabilities.

In today’s dynamic business environment, competition is stiffer and customer expectations are higher. Field service operations have to be nimble so your workers can provide outstanding service at a moment’s notice and your customers know exactly what to expect from employees in the field.

More info: 5G Telecom Engineer

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