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Scale the workforce

This changing nature of work will be accepted by many, but others will resist the shift away from stability and predictability and towards the relative unknown of gig work. But the time when full-time jobs were secure is now long gone – almost no full-time employees today can guarantee they will be in the same position in a year’s time. For this reason alone, freelance and project work may well be the future for most people.
Creating a Win-Win Situation
It is estimated that within the next three years, half of the economy will comprise of gig workers. By 2030, this number is poised to go well past 80%. Clearly, as freelancers become a majority in the enterprise workforce, the very nature and definition of work is changing. Organizations looking to make the gig economy financially rewarding for themselves, 

Technology is the common thread that will play a vital role in helping organizations achieve these goals. For instance, consider the potential of an enterprise digital platform that creates a common playground for organizations and freelancers to communicate, collaborate & create. Such a platform will become the fulcrum of the gig ecosystem 

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