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understanding of technologies

The solution architect is a visionary strategist. Having a broad understanding of technologies applied for various solutions and typically a degree in computer science, mathematics, or business (or several of them), they perform the functions of policymakers dealing with the task they are given. In military terms, they are generals who plan operations, producing guidelines to follow “from cradle to grave” for other parties to the process. 

Having been assigned to a project, the solution architect assesses business requirements and offers the general concept of a technological solution that is to correspond to them. Then they develop the detailed life cycle of the solution, consisting of several building blocks. Once it is done, solution architects are in charge of managing all processes that are called to see the project through by translating their concept into palpable technical steps and coordinating activities of those who are involved in it. 

Dealing with a project, solution architects should be able to consider a broad scope of related issues. To ensure the optimum result, they research the topic to expose possible positive and negative developments, assess the efficiency of the chosen methods and techniques, provide technical forecasts – in a word, they serve as chief consultants in strategic planning of the entire organization. 

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