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Why automate your network

One of the biggest issues for network managers is the growth of IT costs for network operations. The growth of data and devices is starting to outpace IT capabilities, making manual approaches nearly impossible. Yet up to 95 percent of network changes are performed manually, resulting in operational costs 2 to 3 times higher than the cost of the network. Increased IT automation, centrally and remotely managed, is essential for businesses to keep pace in the digital world.
Find the path to automation that's right for you
With network automation, you'll quickly and easily design, provision, and apply policy across your network. And in your journey to automation, you choose the path and the pace. Work with existing network and policy definitions, migrate as fast or slow as you'd like, or start from scratch.

Whatever your path, the Cisco Customer Experience team can help you strategize, deploy, and manage your network.
provisioning and connecting
Plug-and-play provisioning, branch virtualization, and software image management.

Zero-touch provisioning of off-the-shelf devices.
Easy control of device configurations for consistency and accuracy.

automated lifecycle management
Automating upgrades, patches, and security updates and executing on Cisco DNA Assurance enhancements.

Fast and accurate deployment of patches and updates.
Systemwide configuration updates as driven by assurance.

More info: network architect

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